*live simply, with an open heart.

*stay creative. collage visions, dreams. take a ceramics class, make beautiful things for those that i love.

*write. document my reflections and experiences working with youth. connect thier goals of completing a high school diploma and believing in themselves to their relationships with poverty, mental/emotional/physiological struggles, and addictions that help get them by. contextualize this intimate work in trauma theory, liberation psychology, and economics.

*learn. lately, i have been having conversations with my older brother where he is my teacher. i ask him questions about addiction and he skools me. when de doesn’t have an answer to a question i have, he does research for me. this is one of the types of support i need right now, i welcome it and am so grateful!

*appreciate and be appreciated. show gratitude in creative ways and allow myself to feel appreciated.

*take photos. thank you J for the ipod gift. i am now always prepared to document what is in front of me. maybe one day i will have an old skool camera again, but for now, this is more than enough.

*remember the hummingbirds medicine. find joy in all life circumstances. courage. interconnectedness. wings. 8.

concrete Spring. streets of south central l.a.

in the spirit of tonight’s full moon:


from my deck of flower cards-

Flower of the day:

White Rose * Trust *

white rose speaks: i am the seed containing both the flower and the root. my goal is to become that which i already am.

interpretation: trust in the movement of one’s Higher Self, shifts in consciousness, security arising from knowing one’s true foundation.

essence: a must for trusting in the dance of life.


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