(almost) rainy l.a.

POEM by C. Chero

I am thunderstorm

Waiting for lightning to invigorate me

Cause that dullness in the dry pit of my stomach

to forget itself

and remember my soaking wet, dancing feet

and the sticky tresses of dripping hair that

fling and cling to the smiling face

of a child wild with power

in the wet streets

Laughing arms flung wide to the sky

as someone older and fearful shouts worried

cautions from a dark doorway

Shrinking back at the crack and illumination

of freedom that made me infinite like a

drop of rain that sings

I am a thunderstorm


its not often it rains in the city of angels. today the sky seems to holding back her tears. i could see she has clouds filled with water, just ready to pour out, yet the water just doesn’t come. instead she sprinkles, she dries up, and sprinkles again.

rainy day l.a. music:


*it just started pouring 🙂



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