some things you just can’t explain

i’m not sure what part of the world you find yourself in right now but in los angeles, last night was an extremely powerful noche de deseos and setting intentions. the moon was smiling her beautiful sonrisa and the sky was mostly clear with some dabs of hand painted clouds. el clima was niether cold nor warm, it was just perfect for sitting out on porches in silence, taking in the beauty and magic of the night.

i’ve been feeling inspired by my bro who is locked up in the cages of l.a. county. the stories he shares with me about his life inside inspire me to fight harder for him and all other inmates who find themselves at the hands of a deliberate system who is run by people who think themselves superior or “better than” the rest of us. feeding that inspiration are the youth of YJC (Youth Justice Coalition) and the members of CURB (Californians United for a Responsible Budget) who continuously blow my mind by their commitment and savyness around the issues, effects, statistics, and policies of both the CYA and adult prisons in CA and nation-wide.

the past two days have felt as if the universe moved and opened space for more of us of the human race to wake up, open our eyes, and shift from thinking and acting through a individualistic lens to recognizing the need for moving in this world through and in community. i’m witnessing so many people that not too long ago were living their lives isolated from their neighbors struggles and now are opening up their doors to each other, dialoguing about the common themes in their struggles, and uniting with other people to take their agency and power back into their own hands.

here are images of these happenings i mention:



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