new year energy

23 days into the new year and i feel the vibration of cambio…

this year is the year of the woman. so lets get to it mujeres and make our dreams reality. the stars are on our side…mama earth has shifted and made space for us to recognize, see, and face our power to make things happen for ourselves and our loved ones.

i apologize if i sound new agey these days…am the same mexican born- east l.a. raised- south central adoptee you all know me to be…still struggling with the insides, less these days, gracias a la vida(!) and all my loved ones that support me endlessly. these days i feel so much more in tune with myself, with my heart beat. i think it has to do with my abuelo’s influence and teaching around us being spirits only visiting in these bodies till we reincarnate in a different one. also has to do with all the sacred moon work of the past 2 years and ultimately has to do with my opening myself up to trust in higher powers again. with my feet well rooted on the ground, i have been able to explore new worlds, perspectives, and ways of living. little by little connecting more to the mujer i am growing into. this year i turn 30 and i can’t wait!

time to dig deeper into the bottomless pit of my heart and discover what else there is for me to do here on this planet. i’ve recently gotten a calling to learn and practice ancient healing practices. i’m excited about where that is about to take me. in addition to that today i started back up collecting my MFT licensing hours…felt so good! co-thinking how community healing clinics should and can look like…how ours will look, what it will feel like for our communities to walk into a healing homeplace they helped create. this year we will make shit happen because thats how things happen in this life…when we take our lives and guide them, taking each lesson learned from our past lives, our ancestors, and those around us so that we push forward un mundo mas justo, mas lleno de alegria for more gente.

calling all the elements and all healing practices to light so that the youth and families and the rest of us loc@s can pick and choose what feels right to us and our stories. feeling good about toda esta energia positiva, los cambios, the moves of loved ones to l.a. (finally!) and the space to keep growing, moving, and shaking this world to peace!



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