intentions, resolutions, sueños shared

bueno, for this new year i would like to:

1. love intensely all parts of me, la vida, and my nutty familia.

2. spend much more time with the nutty familia, breathe through the challenging moments and be so grateful when the ship is floating smoothly!

3. become lovers with forgiveness, make her my best friend and take her to heart more often. let go of unnecessary frustration at others’ apathy.

4. live joyfully, from my place of fearlessness. laugh as much as possible at the funny things in life but also the absurd, can’t do anything about it stuff of life.

5. cook more often, grow my own food as much as possible.

6. write, write, write! document every experience on paper and computer.

7. reignite my relationship to taking photos, post, share, and take more!

8. find a second part time job and start a savings account 😀

9. do as much traveling as possible on a small budget. travel alone and accompanied 😉

10. did i mention write? yes, write more often even if i don’t post everything. oh, and maybe apply to a writing workshop with my sister or something exciting like that 🙂

11. learn Portuguese so i can better communicate with people this summer when i am there!

12. create more teaching opportunities for myself and take advantage of them fully when they arise.

13. remain active in creating and making change. focus more organizing efforts around the the reforming/shutting down the prison industrial complex…

some music to bring in the new year:


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