finding magic

body feels:

rested. loved. taken cared of. joy-filled.


excited with ideas. stimulated. grateful.


at peace. appreciated and appreciating. moved.

i made a vow to myself this week that i will overcome any remaining layers of unnecessary-ness in my body, spirit, and mind. dropping layers of esas cosas will have me walking lighter, with a bit of a skip to my own beat. i owe it to myself, my friends, loved ones.

fabmex and i had lunch ayer. we needed a catching up with each other moment and decided to take back some time from our busy work lives to escape into the “whats been going on with you and how can i support you mode”…(deep breathe with a big smile)…it was so good to see her, hug her, and share a meal with her. by the way the mulitas at La Taquiza are the S***(!)

so she and i met up y empezamos a platicar de todo. its nice to know that even though we do not see each other all that often anymore, we can very easily pick up where we left off the last time we saw each other. she was quick to share with me her thoughts on la situacion and my relationship to struggling with guilt/shame…suggested i let go of the idea of being “put together” all the time and to show myself more, not mattering so much with lo que diga la gente. the other gem she shared is to talk more about whats going on and talk about it like there was no tomorrow. in the process of sharing she believes i will heal, let go, and create new spaces to build.

in that spirit i will end this year and begin a new one knowing that where i am is exactly where i ought to be. i feel so blessed these days. my much loved grandfather is moving to los angeles, my sister and M are visiting for another week and half, work is relaxed and slow this week, my relationships are incredibly supportive and nurturing, i recently visited my acupuncturist in seattle and had an amazing wonderful time (foto below), and i am about to go on a week long break from work due to the holidays coming up.

definitely finding magic in unexpected places…in midst of internal struggle, i feel showered by fairy dust or something cheesy like that. as the year concludes itself im reflecting on the lessons learned, the relationships forgiven, and the things yet to be worked on. my sister shows me that anything can be done, its inspiring and helpful, she’ll be moving to l.a. too this upcoming year. how lovely is that…both my abuelo and hermana in l.a.!


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