P whispered to me that while she saged me last night before going into earth pit for our monthly queer women moon ceremony she heard a voice tell her to tell me that i do not know the power i walk in. i have heard this before. past lovers, friends, family, strangers…have whispered the same to me, i think in hopes that i would be encouraged to accept my gifts, walk in them with pride, and release that which holds me back- the shame, the self doubt, the cops in my head.

this month, with the new moon, i would like to set as my intention to practice on the daily, more self love, more self acceptance, and an endless amount of tenderness, to give to myself and receive from others as well as share with all whom i cross paths with. i also would like to spend more time in the earth pit, writing, asking her to witness my process, letting her strength and warmth fuel my path. i want to work on my altar space, make it more visible in my home and continue to grow in my spiritual practice and really importantly, grow into my own gifts of courage and truth.





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