thoughts on healing rituals

“the whole system is messed up therefore i really believe we have to start from scratch…start from the ruins and hurt and work from there. what better way to start a new world than from the lessons learned from life in the current one?” 

this weekend i spent in ritual. queer full moon ceremony began friday 7pm and ended yesterday afternoon. i can’t begin to describe what we did, how we did it, and why we engaged in the rituals we engaged in. what i can share is the aftermath. how i feel inside and what these monthly ceremonias have brought to my life ever since i committed to them about a year and half ago.

i write a lot about healing. healing that is necessary for our world to be different. i write about change and how much i would like to see a different world where justice reigns and no longer are we divided by competition, the wage system, poverty, and all the hurt that comes with these systems of power that are in place to do just that: separate us from ourselves, each other, and la madresita tierra.

this weekend con Q y todas la mujeres from the bay area, the south, the east, from todo el mundo and all walks of life, i (re)learned about the sacred spaces where ritual is not separate from politics, where the spiritual is recognized as a political act and the intentions set forth are not only individual but meant to heal the world, liberate all peoples. among many other lessons taken from this weekend, i take this very important lesson- may we all engage in healing ceremonias that name the hurt, name the injustice, and call forth its healing (however they may look is up to those engaged in the healing).

in tears una mujer on saturday evening set the intention that each strand of her hair represent a humano on this earth and that through the shaving of her head, we collectively were sending out to the universe that all people experience this type of healing where we demand the monsters on our back to GET OFF. we healed ourselves by collective witnessing of each others own unique and often similar hurts we carry. when she demanded the weight off her back, i couldn’t help but start crying because my mind went immediately to all those locked up. all the men and women who have been encaged, they too need this type of healing. i could imagine the men in with my brother all having the opportunity to yell out to their oppressions and weight on their back to “get off” and that there would be collective witnessing for them too. the hundreds of years of oppressive systems shoved down poor peoples throats, and doubly down those most marginalized, people of color, queer and transgendered folk, women, black and darker skinned men. how powerful and how activating an act like that would be, what would happen if the oppressed were able to liberate themselves through these rituals, how different of a world would we have? what then would people do and how would we organize our days and lives differently? what change would we then demand and make happen in our communities and world?

so many years of internalized oppression requires attention and infinite love. that’s the healing this world needs. and to spend the last 3 days with women who know this, who practice it on the daily…was immensely powerful.

i am walking in gratitude.

i’d like to mention another thought i have in mind. i know very well that healing of the heart is necessary and that these types of rituals can bring that for individuals and groups of people. i also know that setting intentions means we must take action as well. an intention is just an intention unless we make it happen for ourselves and the world. so what i am learning is that just as the heart, body, and spirit healing is necessary so is the on-going collective visioning and organizing to bring forth a different world. maybe not everyone will be working on both urgent tasks all the time, maybe we take turns, but what i think i would like to be present in the circles i’m a part of is an understanding that we are working towards the healing and liberation of all peoples. our paths may look different but we come together in similar principles of unity and visions for liberation.

gracias to Q, AWT, P, d, p, N, and all the women who brought their gifts to share, experiences, and words of wisdom. definitely looking forward to next month, understanding that each day begins and ends with ritual, one need not wait until we are together again to walk with intention and in touch with so many unnamed magia.

p.s. happy birthday to my older brother. may you find yourself at peace in your corazon and know that we on the outside think of you on the daily. sending you immense love and support.


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