back to the love series

a friend of mine is feeling sick today. her body seems to be clearing house. a self limpia led by her most intimate of spaces seeking cleansing.

its been raining all day here in los angeles. a limpia in some ways of the oils and tierra on the cars and sidewalks.

and in a moment of silence, the love series came back to mind. me pregunto:

what are the ingredients of a good relationship? of course i realize i could only answer this question for myself. for some reason this question is coming up for me right now. that “for some reason” is loaded with possibilities of the “whys”…

silently knowing the whys i want to share some pensamientos on these ingrediants coming up for me righ tnow.

*love- lots of love it, pouring like rain with thunder and lightning as fuel for passion and true joy.

*willingness to love the other for who the person is (and their potentials and dreams of who they want to explore being or doing)- this seems to be essential for a long term relationship.

*for the love to be held and supported in community(ies)- de-privatizing relationships, recognizing that the role of community, mentors, other couples, friends of all shapes and forms and relationship models can serve to be great hands to reach out to when the relationship is struggling/navigating through transitions or simply needing some support. enjoying each other with other people is also necessary and fun 🙂

*honesty to self and other- saying the things that are scary to say, making room to process with each other, and grounding ourselves in courage and commitment to self and to the other person (as a human being, not just as a partner) has been such a important lesson to learn (practice)

that seems like a good start 🙂 more soon, running off to a spa experience with some friends!



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