silences in between life

i want to share more than i will here today.

lately i have been feeling the lack of attention around the state repression we live in currently in this society.

i don’t think we are paying enough attention to HOW TO PROTECT OURSELVES, THOSE AROUND US, AND OUR LOVED ONES.

that said, i wanna go slow today. pay close attention and stay back a little to observe. i know how important it is to take a break and enjoy the silences in between life. pay my respects to our ancestors in ritual and convivir with loved ones on a daily basis..all of which helps me get through the chaos and more scary things of life.

here are a couple of photos i’ve taken in exactly those moments of silence and enjoyment of those around me and the simple things in life that make this all worthwhile.


i have to note here that i am still learning how to use my voice, how loudly to raise its tone, and when to stay silent to allow others space to speak and/or out of protection of self. there is much in the air, there is currently and is going to be more and more violence against activists and organizers and we do have to prepare for that. at least mentally we do so that we know that when we stand up for the rights of others and ourselves (including mama tierra and all her beautiful little creatures and resources), we are inevitably going against the status quo, against the powers that be and all who help uphold the many unjust systems we are imprisoned by.

in the work i do at the university we claim to work in the gray areas of life. the inbetweens where the oppressors and oppressed dialogue and commit to change for all. i would like to believe that that is true. that it is possible to work with the oppressors of this world. not only the so-called 1% but the 15% that follow and the 30% that help to keep this system going even though its on the backs of themselves and the rest of the 54% who are living in poverty in one of the richest nations on this planet. some days i am not convinced that working with the oppressors and the keepers of the system is actually possible. it seems to always require that the “conscience” or oppressed peoples have to work twice as hard, be the “bigger person”, and teach others with compassion.

sometimes even when compassion is present, the oppressor really does not want to change its ways or its systems. and i can’t turn a blind eye to that in hopes that someday people will have a “change of heart”…what if they don’t have a change of heart? then what happens? i just don’t think that we can wait forever for the changes that desperately need to happen.

sometimes these are thoughts that occur when i least expect it. when i’m hanging out with my family buying a costume for my nephew or taking a walk with a loved one…when i am most calm in my heart is often when i dream of the methods that countless luchador@s have used in their attempts to bring change.

i know very well that otro mundo si es posible. some tell me that i have to stop thinking in binary’s…i think i make a pretty good attempt at thinking beyond the obvious. but when shit hits the fan, it still seems that there will be 2 sides and that those in the middle are actually not helping to push the much needed change because they are too afraid to take a stance or still confused at how things like “free markets” and “operation freedom” can possibly be more harm than good because of the play on words such as “free” and “freedom”…

these confusions have great costs. they cause people to police their own communities and often pin folks up against each other without question or criticallity. sometimes that reality is scarier than dealing with outside authorities coming in to our commutities. what else can be more harmful than one of your own turning you in to a monstrous system that is not meant to rehabilitate or help rather just perpetuates and continues the legacy of enslaving people to systems of power, money, and greed.

the whole system is messed up therefore i really believe we have to start from scratch…start from the ruins and hurt and work from there. what better way to start a new world than from the lessons learned from life in the current one?



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