playing catch up

back at work today. feels good to take a break and re-group.

so many thoughts flowing in my brain and through my veins, reaching every part of me.

seems like i’m growing exponentially in my thoughts around “how change happens/how do we bring about change”

questions about who NEEDS to be at the table and who we may need to move forward with out…its not about exclusion, it’s about restorative justice, something many people are not ready for nor do they really want it.

the bunny hopper, love will solve our issues people, i am learning, may need to do some work on themselves (a lot of it) in order to be ready to really work on changing this world.

explanation of previous statement:

so many folks say they want change, but the change they want is still exclusionary to the majority of the world, specifically poor communities (of any color or cultural background).

if the masses were really to show up to any sort of experimentation of “the new world we are creating at occupy los angeles”….i guarantee organizers there would not know where to begin, what to do with themselves…

i don’t think they really want the masses to show up.

i think they want to feel that they are doing some “good” to save “our democracy”…

what democracy?

then there are a good number of folks who actually really DO WANT CHANGE and are not blind about the deep embedded issues of white supremacy, patriarchy, trans and homophobia, classism, racism, etc etc.

for that other half that are showing up constantly ready to dialogue (practice and actively create a direct democracy for real), is who i go out for. its been amazing to meet new l.a. and long beach based folks whose visions for our world are similar (or challenge my own in a good way)…

the bunnyhopper loving people will eventually phase out (in general, not just from the steps of city hall)…who will be left is a core group of folks who truly are dedicated to seeing through a different plan to reach our visions for change.

i have appreciated not seeing the same non-profit organizers who think change will happen that way…its refreshing to see and meet new faces.

that’s why i keep going back. believe me, its not cause i think the organizers of this falsely labeled “leaderless movement” actually have something going on that is of interest to me. i would love to see them really take a hard look at themselves and face the oppressor in themselves so that they can truly be working for a “different kind of world”…right now what is happening is a reproduction of the world that already exists where certain voices are negatively labeled and silenced.

i don’t have time for that, and i’m not about to make time to “educate folks”..that’s not my job there.

within that madness happening outside of l.a.’s city hall, some of us are experimenting with true horizontal dialogue and decision making, imagining new ways of running a different kind of society and drawing diagrams of how it could look like, how it will look like. taking lessons from the long hxtory of social movements all around the world who are (or have) experimented with non-hierarchical governing structures.

more soon.


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