My Baby Just Cares for Me, (love series, # let’s stop counting…xo)

(this entry esta dedicada a F who inspired my writing tonight, gracias por tu apoyo querida)

in love, out of love, relationships transitioning always, etc. it’s  all part of life as la hermosa F likes to point out to me whenever i complain of heartbreak.

me siento bien. happy to be alive and so grateful to have so much love from my familia-amistades-loved ones en los angeles (la D that surprises me with her IMMENSE heart and capacity to support my whole BEING, claro tambien la fabulosa F, j who is going home to IDAHO soon!, and P who i love getting to know, y tambien all of her crew who i love), all across the States (specifically Oregon where my sister and her man live ;),  Guam, Japan, y from the amazónico gone francés who taught me a lil lesson on el destino recently.

life, life as i have to come to learn is about: living con el corazón bien abierto, to be ready to be loved and to love BIG and GRAND, to give and take, to be challenged and to remember that this universe is bigger than all of us humans trying to control everything. entonces cuando it is time to love, lets love con toy musica in the background, hearts pumping fast, blood flowing through out, and smiles growing as one shares of oneself/and takes in other hearts.

i mean, there is always gonna be struggle, too much to do and no time to fit it all in, bigger dreams than money can keep up with, and frustration at the way things are knowing that we can create a different world right now, and then of course there is the many communities all around the world already creating alternatives and fighting back/standing up for their/our dignidad that we find inspiration from, etc. i can go on forever tonight…

yes, yes, i know this post is a bit cheesy but what can i say, i went to brazil and came back more me than i’ve known me to be. so as my sister and my friends tell me, i’m living it up con toy melanocolia and all, tonight she’s decided to join the “life is good” (como le dicen en ingles) bandwagon… 😉

more reflections on this year/this past decade to come soon. i’m turning 29 next week and am looking forward to savoring my last year in the 20s, and embracing los 30!

here is a cancionsita for your ears and a funny video for you to enjoy/smile about, xo.


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