ay esa melancolia

she is here again. amada melancolia. only this time, i have deadlines to reach and i am finding it hard to focus with her strong energy around.

que deseas querida? what do you want from me today?

she desires i feel, con todo mi ser.

bueno, si, ya, i feel you and i feel all my emotions intensely. we can check that off the list.

que mas quieres de mi?

i want you to write, write me out of your being. tell the stories in your heart. tell them con orgullo and don’t stop sharing them, ever.

i hear a voice telling me that my great grandmother is wanting me to learn her story and to share it with others.

is that why you are here today, to remind me of this desire of my great grandmother?

i think so. i think that is why she came today.

alright, let’s make a deal. i will research and write her story, but not today. today i must focus on my work. ya manaña sera otro dia and i shall keep my word.

esta bien? de acuerdo?

bueno, bien. gracias.

y ahora, a trabajar.



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