take him to the place he loves (love/connection series, 12)

ME: “i don’t think ima go see you tomorrow, i don’t have a car and i am moving to the house next door.”

G: “oh, alright, it’s alright, you come another week.”

ME: “alright, well, i love you. thanks for your letter. i will print brazil pictures out and send you some this week.”

G: “alright, i love you too.”

CLICK. phone hangs up y el unico sonido que escucho es mi propia respiración.

goosebumps and heartache, i am sure on both ends of the phone. on one side more noticeable than the other.

now let’s back up 18 years. G, 15 years old and I was 11. we are on our way back from our yearly “thanksgiving Big Bear family road trip”. it was a sunday afternoon and la familia Chávez was driving down the san bernardino mountains. the sky bluer than blue, con nubes scattered here and there. mi hermano mayor as usual was the back seat dj. i don’t remember much of the conversation happening at the time, i just remember, the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Under the Bridge song came on and he asked my mom to “put up the music!”

i turned to look at him (he was in the back of the red jeep we had at the time) and he was singing with all his 15 year old pasión. i smiled in awe (i silently looked up to him so much!).

i didn’t understand him at all. and maybe i still don’t, or maybe i do more than i did at age 11. but one thing we do have in common in our heart of hearts, is a love for the city of angels. his most recent letter mentioned our mutual love for The City, i smiled and giggled en mi corazón.

in thoughts of him, i am sharing with you música from his/my/our past. these songs remind me of growing up with him, witnessing from afar (yet so closely) each others transitions and life.

(now that we are on “memory lane” this last one reminds me of my junior high best friend…oh, good times 🙂


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