Rio (love/connection series, 9)

the thought of going home to my loved ones in los angeles brings a smile to my heart. at the same time i also feel sad about leaving what i found in rio.

c’est la vie.

we experience new friends, new places, new emotions when we travel and the memories created are remembered deeply in ones unconscious.

in Rio, i fell in love. fell in love with the sounds and smells of this busy city, with the possibility of creating movements across borders, with new faces, hearts, and desires. fell head over heals for samba and forro beats and rhythms that move my body para aqui y para alla. here i learned that i can find just as much peace by looking at the sky as i do looking at the ocean, both grand in size and possibility inspiring.

i´ve reflected upon life in los angeles. the things i love about it and things that i find challenging, like a schedule so tight i have to squeeze in “friend time” instead of living more in community and free to deepen relationships.

have also spent a great deal of time re-thinking my decision to not pursue my MFT license. am seriously contemplating focusing on developing the applied theatre arts skills for one more year and then finding the guts to work a 40 hour work week at a government agency where i can collect my license hours within 1.5 years. another option is return back to school for a PHD in some interdisciplicary program where i can bring together my interest in social movements, liberation arts and psychologies, trauma work .

i do not know which path i will choose/which path will choose me but i trust that the right choice will be made a su tiempo. for now, the spirits in rio reminded me that i am not 100% in control and that el destino plays a greater role than i would like to admit. i feel peace thinking about life that way, me not completely in control*…

bueno, more soon.


*big smiley face just thinking about life this way 😀


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