corazon lleno

tonight, like the moon, i feel my belly full of life. joy-filled laughter, deep felt and shared with other mujeres as we exchange family hxtories and desires of birthing relaxing home-spaces as well as careers that include all parts of ourselves.

lately, i have experienced myself trusting my own intuition. i feel myself growing stronger and closer to myself. among other more challenging aspects about traveling alone and away from home, one of the most beautiful aspects about being on my own for the past four weeks has been learning (or i should more accurately say, re-learning) parts of myself that i had for one reason or another, gotten far from.  in the solitude of my own thoughts, i have cycled back around to desiring past dreams.

dreams of full bellies, writing till the sun rises, and dancing with loved ones until our feet demand us to rest.

Rio de Janeiro, with its vast and traffic-filled streets, gente screaming economic justicia, city smelling of sweet pan or piss, live music available 5-7 times a week allowing oneself to disfrutar de la vida as if tonight was the last, and people traveling and meeting here from all over the world, i love it all.

the gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots” weigh on the soul while the samba beats nurse you back to hope. all around me there are examples of people standing up for thier dignidad. el trabajo del teatro del oprimido and robin kelley have my imagination at work, dreaming up creative ways of liberating my own soul as i work en conjunto with others who desire to explode open the possibility of living in alternative worlds.

as my heart and belly fill up with the full moons deseos, i am simply taking a step back to witness myself enjoy what life has to offer me in the here and now. knowing i have strong ties back in los angeles to ground me when i return home allows me to fly higher and higher with these newly discovered wings.

*i have attached music that inspired this post, enjoy!


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