crash into me (love series, 8)

guadalupe is feeling like guadalupe again (well almost)…

whew…big smile 😀

my body slowly recovered from the crazy flu i had for days…a week, i think.

so now, inspired by L.O.V.E., i want to share a few randomn thoughts i’ve written in my journal in the last two weeks (they are in some cronological order in which they were written, but not exact.)

“last night i slept with courage and together we dreamed of sunrises filled with new possibilities…”

“to do: lay on hammock as much as possible while here.”

“i’m totally overwhelmed. not bad or good. just is.”

“during crisis, it is hard for people to see beyond what is in front of them.”

“through this wind, i send you love…and courage.”

“i just saw you, you were the last bird of the pack. the smallest, you flew slow to enjoy the scene below your strong wings.”

“today i saw: an umbrella decorated with bathing suits for sale and lots of men in tiny underwear.”

“message written on a Yogi Tea bag: its not life that matters, it’s the courage that we bring to it.”

“it’s good to be back in Rio and to be starting our training tomorrow. i want to learn so much! good night, i have to go to bed now. ❤ / me*”

“i wanna be completely present here…and healthy. i can do that if:

1. i eat well, constantly

2. i have 1-1 time with myself

3. keep in touch with loved ones

4. write/blog/share with others my experiences in written form

5. buy a disposable camera and photo things i like or moments i would like to remember

6. do my morning routine (coffee & cig., breakfast, write, read, and then get ready)”

“surrealists and practioners of teatro del oprimido (Curingas) have some things in common. both want to reach the world between the ideal/the dream/the utopic AND reality. find a meeting space. i find this hope/meta beautiful. a place where i can thrive in. it feels delicious here in this liminal space, the borderlands of my wildest dreams (and that of other liberation seekers) and la realidad.”

“reflections on theatre of the oppressed: todos tenemos el derecho y la abilidad de compartir nuestr@s pensamientos/refleciones sobre el mundo, para poder cambiar el mundo. (we all have the right and ability to share our thoughts/reflections on the world, in order to change society.”

“aqui y alla, la injusticia es la misma.”

“today is the last day of June. this month we welcomed the summer season. how exciting. el verano me recuerda a:

*chill days and gorgeous sunsets

*romantic walks on beach and late start morning dates with soledad, over dark coffee and my journal

*warm welcoming embraces between loved ones

*cool breeze and conversations over bonfires at the beach

*dreaming in color, dreams filled with smiles”

more soon.




One thought on “crash into me (love series, 8)

  1. Came across your blog in Blogs by Latinas. I love this post!

    “i’m totally overwhelmed. not bad or good. just is.”
    Simply, but very nicely put. I feel like that often, too!

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