creating spaces to talk about that which makes us human (love/connection series, 1)

i’ve been struggling to find a name for this series. at first thought i wanted to name it love then connection then all kinds of other words that attempt to describe that which we humans/all creatures of the world seem to need- touch, acceptance, reciprocity, embraces, validation, care, the list goes on and on.

i also had the idea of creating a separate page for these conversations but i decided it’d be best to leave them here, to join all my other writing/attempts to communicate with others/myself. i have many plans for this series. i’d love to interview loved ones, strangers, members of my different communities, about this thing…this connection that makes us live in a place of vulnerability, trust, openess. just as i attempted to write a little on violence, understand it better…i want to go on a similar quest with love.


it brings me hope, joy, courage. i’ve been struggling lately with self love through honest reflection/hard convos with myself about self care and care for others. i find that others around me love to talk about love too. so why not? why not venture off to the love world. why not celebrate that which makes us human, creatures of this world? even animals need/seek connection…it’s one of those things that makes us connected to the universe’s core, the heat in her womb that lives in us.

i am truly excited about this series. especially as i wrap up my first year at the job, get ready to travel to brazil to keep learning teatro del oprimido, hopefully welcome a loved one to los angeles, keep strengthening my current partnerships/friendships/lover-let’s change this world relationships. so much to be grateful for- some liberation psychology teaching next fall, more theatre of the oppressed, a new contract with the land trust where i get to do some much missed- youth organizing around taking back space/land and planning for our much waited for community center. yes, deep breathe and a huge smile on my face, la melancolia– she is still very much present in my body, today she exists mostly in my head…feeling lots of pressure there, in need of some body movement to get out of my cabeza and allow for some breathing room up there too. but even la melancolia that lives within me, can’t deny that things here in los angeles, are not so bad for la guadalupe. thanks to my loved ones who have been such a beautiful support through all the changes and those who keep me grounded to my roots- lots of love to you too.


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