on violence, beyond the obvious. (part 2 of 4)

writing on violence, the roots of violence, asking “why the dehumanization?” – is not really a 3 part series. its a never ending quest i’ve set out to understand. por que? not sure why really, but getting to the “root” of things gives me hope. maybe its my ocd around having control over life, maybe if i understand violence better/more/deeper, i will then have a better grasp as to how to work for LOVE, CHANGE that is inclusive, JOY, against oppressive hurtful structures, the systems i do not understand but live and see others living, struggling through.

the video attached me ayudo, (re)grounded me in the knowing that there is a rich hxtory of social change movements and that currently change is happening all around the world, we may not be surrounded by the images of hope, but the spirit of liberation is among us.

i open my eyes, wake from my sleep, rise and sing with this spirit, knowing that todo pasa, nothing is for ever, this system too will fall and another will rise, maybe just maybe, we will have sowed the earth enough, planted new seeds, cultivated our ancestors crop, so that the other world many of us long for, actually does realize itself. but only, with work done prior to the fall will a new world rise sustainably. if we sit and wait for peace, we best just raise our hands and give up.

el cambio no viene, se trae, se demanda, se vive dia a dia.

the images from the video are from a mass action in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 24th of March, 2011, in honor of La Memoria/Memory/Remembrance*. In Argentina and other countries there are movements dedicated to reclaiming memory after so many years of amnesia and lies around the massacres, disappearances, and state/neoliberal violence against communities of resistance and many innocent casualities. The movements towards reclaiming hxtory fascinate me and remind me that here in the United States, we NEED such movements to contextualize and root ourselves in hxtory and the effects of colonization that we are still living.

when speaking on violence, memory must be in the conversation.

more thoughts to come soon.

*check out Liberation Psychology/Psicología de la Liberación for more on memory, remembrance, and healing that creates social change.


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