on violence, beyond the obvious. (part 1 of 4)

this issue, problem, notion of violence has been marinating in me for a while now. been trying to figure out how i would like to ADD to the already happening conversations both around me and in the activist/organizing los angeles world.

the reason for this 3 part series is that i feel something inside me saying, “ya, speak up!”. i hear and participate in narrow conversations about violence. we talk about violence between black and brown students, neighbors, cop and youth, domestic partners. we ask ourselves why the violence and then we go into the hxtory of that person, how fucked up it was and how that made them a violent person.

this short, hollow narrative tugs at my heart. its not that simple. let’s place the violence we see in the REAL context of the violent world we live in.

the violence we experience on a daily basis…poverty-not having enough to eat damages our bodies, spirits, mental health, breaks families apart; racism- the lack of honesty around where we really are in terms of understanding how race, affects EVERYTHING including class, educational opportunities or the lack of opportunities, health- physical, psychological, spiritual; self esteem, self worth, self love; homophobia- relationship to shame, guilt, silence; war vets and to a different extent youth and poor people- post traumatic stress disorder tearing their lives apart, shoving them into a dark corner where they can not access emotions outside of aggression or frustration; and so on.

a few of us gather weekly to discuss current issues and respond to them creatively. feeding our souls by allowing ourselves to respond with critical analysis, coupled with creative fuels, rooted in our life or death relationship to hope and need to ACT/DO SOMETHING to spread information, consiencia, and of course esperenza.

in the face of greed, strategic divisions of communities, and an out of this world level of dehumanization we’ll respond with truth, information sharing, tears, relationships that humanize, and a creative action of some sort.

i’m finding a much needed home in this political yet very spiritual place. feeling more than grateful, shining with appreciation.


2 thoughts on “on violence, beyond the obvious. (part 1 of 4)

  1. I am loving your exploration, your voice, your thought process… Thank you for sharing the experiences you are having and allowing others to reflect on these themes from afar 🙂

  2. empezo a volar

    hermana! thanks so much for your encouragement 🙂 ❤ !!! am stuck on writing part 3 of this series but have it a goal to get it done this week…all of these are drafts of course… 🙂

    ❤ u!

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