living in the realm of possibility

Forbidden birds by Eduardo Galeano.

“The Uruguayan political prisoners may not talk without permission, or whistle, smile, sing, walk fast, or greet other prisoners; nor may they make or receive drawings of pregnant women, couples, butterflies, stars or birds. One Sunday, Didasko Pérez, schoolteacher, tortured and jailed for “having ideological ideas,” is visited by his daughter Milay, aged five. She brings him a drawing of birds. The guards destroy it at the entrance of the jail.

On the following Sunday, Milay brings him a drawing of trees. Trees are not forbidden, and the drawings get through. Didasko praises her work and asks about the colored circles scattered in the treetops, many small circles half-hidden among the branches: “Are they oranges? What fruit is it?” The child puts her fingers to her mouth: “Ssssshhh.” And she whispers in his ear: “Silly. Don’t you see they’re eyes? They’re the eyes of the birds that I’ve smuggled in for you.”

this story reminds me of what i am learning through my work with/in Theatre of the Oppressed. to try to live outside of lo que es posible/what is possible is a kind of death, a spiritual death that causes us humans great pain and misery. vivir en el mundo de posibilidad on the other hand, prepares us, giving us tools to handle ALL possibilities and everything in between. possibility helps break down apathy, bystander-ism, moves us from being objects to active subjects in our own lives.

lo posible, rather than lo imposible carries with it the strongest of our human virtues. compassion, love, courage, determination, humor, gratitude, the spirit of lucha and a “si se puede” attitude.

as Galeano shares in Forbidden Birds, with imagination todo es posible. i pray this spirit guides me through the brightest of moments as well as lo mas dificil que como ser humano we often live through simply because we are human.

i want to carry el espiritu de Milay who not so innocently and with much determination smuggled in the spirit of liberation to her unjustly imprisoned father.


2 thoughts on “living in the realm of possibility

  1. Fabiola


    In Tagalog means “everything is possible” a conocida’s daughter, who just turned four yesterday! … it’s in the air, because my colleague, just shared this with me, while I read your entry.

    Todo es posible !

    1. empezo a volar

      si amiga-hermana, true that the spirit of possibility is in the air. look in the mirror mujer your making things happen!

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