some thoughts i’ve been holding in, plus some news:

~ In regards to the massacres in Libya- the violence is irrational. killing doctors and nurses so they can’t help the wounded protesters; hiring mercenary’s to help with the killings; countries around the world NOT standing up quickly enough to collectively DEMAND a STOP to the disregard for human life. The U.S. as well as other Western countries have massive investment in Libya and have the power to PULL the plug on much military aid, foreign corporations can also help put a STOP to these killings. es una gran injusticia that we are sitting back and allowing for so much hurt to prevail when Libya’s people are demanding something that we proclaim to support as a country, democracy.

~here in the united states, in Wisconsin, thousands of protesters from all over the country standing up against governor Walker and his sponsor Coca cola (the coke brothers) . Coca Cola is known to fund anti-union efforts in colombia and other latin american countries, its no surprise coke funds anti-union efforts in the u.s. as well…it has been really inspiring to watch the Wisconsin protests grow and grow, and spread to other states in the U.S. as Chomsky said recently, only a massive uprising will change our politics…!!

~Mexico passed a law that legalized the already occurring RAIDS against Central Americans and the fining of businesses that hire Central Americans…mirroring U.S. immigration laws. this newly passed law highlights the the problem with immigration laws all around the world. Why are people immigrating in the first place? And if we had a chance to give our input, what would we do different/ would we do anything different? (Click here for a Spanish and English article)

~I’ve been appreciating guerilla mamma’s blog. feeling inspired by her post on “how to support a revolution”.

~Lex and Julia were here in los angeles last week. i fell in love with both of them! they drove across country from Durham, North Carolina meeting up with queer black elders, collecting lessons from the Southern Black Movement and their life long commitments to social change. if you’d like to support the Queer Black Mobile Homecoming click here.



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