my sunday thus far (and my attempt to put something down on paper/this writing space):

1. woke up feeling sicker than yesterday

2. was happy when i looked out the window and felt the sun shining in, was inspired to pick up my journal and begin to write about various topics that led to starting a new post on an unexpected topic- eventually became frustrated with myself because i am finding it very difficult to finish the writing projects i start :/

3. decided to have beans for breakfast because it is the only thing warm and soup-like, this made my throat feel better

4. layed down again for a few minutes until i heard children playing outside, got up and went outside to see what the party was about

5. sat in sun and played catch up with my mentor, who is also my neighbor 🙂

6. was invited for coffee, i love her coffee…accepted invitation, went inside my house to bring pan dulce (mexican sweet bread) over to her house to share

7. shared how we both are feeling a bit desanimadas* lately, felt good to hear her own process and was inspired to:

8. come back to my place and create a calendar on large paper, writing down important deadlines and events for phd programs in Urban Planning and one program in culture and theory

9. realized i was hungry, warmed up left overs, came back to my journal, brainstormed ideas on re-starting the liberation psychology group as a way to keep hopeful through times when we do  not see the change we want to see, made a list of possible interested folks to invite

10. reminded myself i have to write S at T.R.U.S.T. South L.A. (formerly known as Land Trust) re: organizing strategy work groups

11. picked up my computer and made this list, f reminded me yesterday i have to write…whatever comes to mind, anything to get me started up again

12. now back to working on this mornings piece, maybe i will finish it, for inspiration am listening to: Al Golpe Del Guatime


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