ramon ayala

lately i’ve been on a Ramon Ayala kick. listening to him and others who share the same genre of musica all day at work and when i get home on the computer. the happy beats and often funky sounding voices singing about love, war, relationships, life, death, the singers having imaginary conversations with family members they have not talked to in years, and lots of celebrating of the hearts capacity to LOVE and love BIG, romantic, tequila heart-wrenching songs about loss and love cross class boundaries. for the moments i listen to this type of (extra macho music) i let go of all the “RIGHTS and WRONGS” of heteropatriarchy/heterosexism and simply me pongo a bailar with those beats…oh, the rhythms- the only way i can describe them is shoulders moving up and down while the feet slide, bodies circling around alone, with a broom as i clean the kitchen, or with a loved one. yes, yes- ramon definitely does it for me.

a few of my favorite cancionsitas by ramon and others, for your ears, feliz Thursday 🙂

(today is day 17 of Egyptian revolucion, labor unions have gotten involved, click HERE for more news.)





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