day 16, plus more

today marks day 16 of the Egyptian UPRISING. (check out this blog for on the ground photos and reflections)

tambien es el aniversario de mi amiga-hermana’s, as she wrote it- her momma’s transition.

so many transitions, change is constant. heart felt losses, new beginnings, recycled love. heart works on slow mode while life speeds its way through l.a. traffic, non-stop. f and i laugh when we want to cry, she shouts out “let’s prove them wrong” gives me a wink that belongs to somebody else, from her i learn the IMMENSE NEVER ENDING hope in the other who makes themselves the other out of fear, stubbornness, i don’t know what really, but he hangs on to himself like its a matter of life or death. as i watch her hang to her hope because IT IS A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH. hope is what unites la lagartija prieta and me. gracias a la vida who caused a crossing of paths in a time when shifts, turns, and nausea were a daily happening due to…to life. thank el universo for the amistad that was born enero 2009, happy 3rd year.

am newly inspired by a local los angeles based musician that i want to share with you all on this “ombligo/hump” day of the week.


Happy Wednesday!


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