i said i would write

note: i’m glad i committed to the month of writing with WCC. now comes the accountability piece, where i must write not only because i said i would but because its good for me.

the events in Egypt, Palestina, Yemen, and across Northern Africa and the Middle East have me both inspired and at the edge of my seat. i have also been surprised at the “absence” of LOUD solidarity here in los angeles. or maybe there is movement and i am just not aware of it in my inner organizing circles?

on my mind equally is the work that IS being done to create prefigurative communities, lifestyles, a counter culture within the neoliberal reality we live in.

this week i’ve also been working on some needed self care tasks like, creating routine for myself, one in which eating regularly, drinking more water, and getting back into my body through movement are not only included but prioritized.

reflecting on the above, i am reminded that change happens on so many levels, from the smallest act of self care and recognition of our own human dignity as well that of others, y tambien el cambio ocure in large masses of self determination. both the small acts and the “BIG” acts we take are equally as important. the pre-thinking about how we can do things differently in the now, versus doing things differently when “the revolution comes” will get us to that better place in time so many of us live dreaming up.  i’ve learned that we can not wait arms crossed, patiently until BIG change happens.

the constant reflection-action praxis must continue with or with out la Revolucion, it is in this praxis and the dialogue surrounding our intentional creation of counter-culturas that the revoluciones happen.

More news:

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez:


Noam Chomsky and other fierce independent journalists:



3 thoughts on “i said i would write

  1. Desi

    yes. I’ve been trying to more consciously organize my self-care too. I like how you broke it down…..that link between systemic, personal, and interpersonal transformation.

  2. traciakemi

    thank you for writing – glad to meet you through the WCC workshop 🙂
    it really is a trip how the simple things are not “easy” to do -drinking more water, paying attention to our breath…all the things we want to do to keep on keepin’ on – definitely agree on our actions, however small they may seem, are what we need to do to keep our minds, bodies, spirits open, strong and focused. Like writing, and connecting with each other through art and spaces like this – that inevitably lead us to each other and lead us forward.
    fire, peace, passion, chocolate, love,
    – traci akemi

  3. empezo a volar

    D and T- thanks so much for your love comments. ur words encourage me to keep writing and “taking care of the self” 🙂
    nice meeting you both thru WCC too!


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