inspiration EVERYWHERE

this 2011 year has started off FILLED with INSPIRATION…everywhere i turn, i am awed by la naturaleza or by a fellow humano.

i’ve been doing plenty of reading and re-reading as i organize myself to facilitate conversations about self, other, and “we” to a group of cultural fieldworkers in training to deconstruct what they have known to be true and build with others a different mundo for all of us. also in the works, back to the community land trust work, this month we are working on completing our vision statement as well as choosing our organizing methodolgies for land acquisition in south central los angeles. very exciting 2011 to come.

also as inspiration are those around me traveling to other states to learn to “motherourselves” and along with them lil children who will witness thier mamitas dig deep inside of themselves for that life giving rage that’s needed to survive and that grounding love for all that gives us wings to fly higher than high.

a la misma vez there’s those of us who continue to ask ourselves when will enough be enough, when will the masses rise up for ourselves and our world, yesterday los repulicanos came into office, and as i asked around to my l.a. comrades where the protest was, nada…no protest, instead it seems that we welcomed the danger into our own home, en silencio. d’s heart hurt last night, i know, i can tell in her eyes, she too was too disappointed to complain about our sometimes universal apathy.

so in the name of ya ni se quien, i’m seriously considering joining/co-creating a street theatre group, who por lo menos can use local and international news as a starting point to do actions to raise awareness, raise our neighbors consciencia, using images, our bodies, and when needed our words. i’ve been in and out of community for a bit now, since SoLA lost its touch, my feet have been floating above ground, seeking a place to land. definitely community land trust work serves as a grounding but i seek a place where different peoples and communities can come together for a certain kind of action and raising of awareness…since the summer of 2009 when i found myself in a room of theatre of the oppressed students and teachers, i feel i have found a deeper grounding to do my political work from. i’m looking forward to exploring and discovering what can come out of doing theatre work again. i did some  street theatre in college and very little after that but i think 2011 is just the perfect year to continue learning about how theatre can be used as a form of political action as well as a form of individual and collective healing.

this year i want to couple theatre with creating memorials visibly in our communities in honor of the collective traumas lived daily by so  many ordinary (and not so ordinary) folks…these traumas caused by the systematic racial-hetero- economic-social oppressions, that seem so untouchable, some say that “this is what we are supposed live in this life time, and we have to learn to accept what we are given, work with it.” fu** that, i’m sorry thats just not what i came here to do. my beloved d sent me a text this morning (in response to my excitement around learning how to sew my own clothes), she says, “must do it! we need to live n learn 2 do everything n have fun!”

si, si, si, she’s right, we must try to live a joy-filled life…and for that i find inspiration in so many…

NEW inspiration: (you will find tons more inspiration on this blog, i’ve linked a few more blogs i found here to empezo a volar)

and of course the “i can always count on you” inspirations:

and some more: (community land trust is in midst of organizing with ciclavia our own dia de bicicletas in south central! it’ll be a day where designated streets will be closed for bicyclists to enjoy the streets!) (local health village, known to be a great and affordable community resource!)


2 thoughts on “inspiration EVERYWHERE

  1. Fabiola

    Pos’ amiga, inspiration lives and feeds off of inspiration given from your well wishes, heart’s intentions, spirits’ aliveness.

    mucho amor …

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