reflections on 2010

a good friend and i were hanging out this weekend. she asked me to share with her my reflections on 2010, themes that had come up, important moments, etc. she being a writer herself, loves to ask me and others questions of this kind that cause me to pause for a moment and re-connect with myself…something i find muy, pero muy importante, especially at this moment- the world is shifting…people are are standing up for themselves and others all over mama earth, its beautiful, so crucial. the manner in which people are being stirred by wikileaks makes me think about the importance of information sharing…and how much we don’t know. the other day i was appreciating the work of a local organization, organizing themselves as bus riders, there is so much to learn from local and international organizations and communities (small and large scale) who come together to say Ya Basta, Enough is Enough.

i came home 6 years ago to figure out how i can also be a part of these movimientos, many lessons learned, and with more information, experience, and a strong commitment to a set of principles and an organization fighting for land rights (within this fight, other health and human rights are included), i have more questions than answers.

information sharing makes me think of resource sharing, makes me think of the rain and how much i love that for 4 days non-stop its rained here in los angeles, much needed rain for our plantitas and to clear the air, make room for new life and thoughts, actions, newness…today is the first day of winter, love the cool weather and keeping warm with loved ones surrounding me with love and support as i try to explore new-ness within myself, learn lessons that love and relationships desperately try to teach me, and decide which parts of this system i will participate in and which parts i will co-create alternatives for.

this post is the beginning of a series of reflections i imagine i will post before the end of the year. some categories that may be included…me and my OCD…yes, categories como:

*on organizing and personalizing the political

*on lies the american dream told me/on work life and financial survival

*on friendship and other loves/ intimacy, sex, and sexuality/ love and survival

…hasta muy pronto.

the 2 videos were sent to me by my mentor H. thought you would enjoy them as well.


2 thoughts on “reflections on 2010

  1. Fabiola

    So glad we hung out. Can’t wait to read your entries fermenting en tu corazon.

    Thanks for sharing Calle 13 videos. Those are some of his best, imo, he’s a bit hyper-masculino gonna overtly sexualize las mujeres for my taste. These tho, estan buenas 🙂 …

    Nos vemos pronto, loves.

  2. My dear this is a beatifully written, expressed, and felt piece. I am humbled and deeply touched by your words . Eres una hermosa escritora. Mil gracias por el regalo de tus palabras. ~S

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