random thoughts on a monday morning

1. working on designing the syllabi for the class i will be teaching next semester. currently reading:

lisa delpit on teaching other peoples children

bell hooks on race and representation and class

anti-racist writings by various authors

John Holloway on changing the world without taking power

Kevin Danaher on how corporations are gonna get our mama’s

2. sister’s are awesome. i told her i needed uplifting music for the office. she sent me plenty! here is a slice of my gmail chat with her after i began listening to the music she suggested:

“this first play list is making me dance….
and move my shoulders around
and bop the head
and tap the feet
oh no! i cant help it, im standing up!!!”
thank you sister!

3. mentors are crucial to help us survive the things that we didn’t know we can survive. H’s support makes me feel like i can keep asking questions and learning. i love it.

4. winter in los angeles is officially my favorite season of the year 🙂 clearer skies, more chances of rain and cloudy days, warm sun with chilly wind- perfect for layering clothes and wearing scarves.

5. desert skies are on my mind…currently on a hunt for all movies involving desert skies…suggestions welcomed.


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