dear flower that grows on the side of the road (unexpectedly),

this is when i need you most, after a day of battle at the j.o.b.

come close, hold me and with your embrace let my heart know that life…life as it is now, is only temporary, that the circle will keep turning round & round, allowing me to experience much more than this.

tell your heart to jump into my soul and caress her through out the day as she (sometimes) walks in fear. your touch releases my love for the world to come out and play. run around with rainbows and jump in muddy puddles. i could feel you watching me play. your gaze is the magic that grows my wings.

i eat comfortably and with great joy when your around,  you make me hungry for so much more than i have ever had. you walk with me invisibly as i attempt to serve as a bridge to this and that, etc. etc.

the pictures you take of leaves changing color and gray skies feed my spirit like no other.

your deep dark colored eyes give all of you to me, a gift to grand to not share with others.

the way your hips and arms sway as you walk towards me, a dance every time. i seek your presence often with out wanting to or needing to overwhelm either one of us. we leave each others arms, always wanting more, counting the days (sometimes hours) till our next embrace. we learn what it means to be patient and not rush a good thing because the universe speaks louder than even our hearts.

you help support the liberation of my spirit, for that i know we have yet to learn and grow so much more.

watching sunsets and sunrises, driving through undescribable desert skies, standing at the shores of an immense ocean of discovery, so much, so much.



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