i can feel her breathing

empezando con las palabras de arundhati roy,

“…otro mundo no solamente es posible, ya viene en camino…

la puedo sentir respirando.”*

There’s only so much “INVASION OF OUR MINDS” that a mind can take before it stands up, 1 fist clenched in resistance, 1 fist open in prayer, gritando con la voz del universo, YA BASTA, NO MAS! Too much unnatural-ness going on around here…

you see it con tus ojos and feel it in your bones just as much as i do. i know you do…try, try a little softer, try sintiendo tu corazon beat, lubdub…..lubdub……lubdub, your alive, lets get in touch con nuestra humanidad, tener intercambios ubuntus**, where we recognize que the souls within us are more ancient that the bodies we borrow.

*”Another world is not only possible, she is coming…I can feel her breathing.”

**Ubuntu- South African Philosophy, means “I am what I am because of who we all are.” It is the nature of being human, we fulfill our potential through our interactions and relationships with others.


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