a beautiful ghost visited me today

she walked up the stairs, stopped at the front door, waiting for me to approve of her visit, she’s become very polite ever since she understood how hard it was for my heart when she visited unexpectedly in the past. she waiting for my approval to enter the sacredness of my home. i nodded, letting her know i had missed her.

her light came soaring in filling every corner of the house, i felt her spirit so strong and lively inside of me. her laughter filled my ears with joy. i hurt for knowing it was only a short visit.

my mind quickly recalled a film of our memories. her smiles, our dreams lifted and weighed on my heart as i saw her near. my hand couldn’t help but reach out to her, hoping to caress her soft skin, my eyes sought out her gaze, her stare.

before i knew it, she was gone. leaving me blanketed con mis memorias.







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