the soft part

i wrote, “speak from your heart, speak from the softest part of you, it is the strongest part of you.”

a note to self as i prepared to walk into a meeting where i was to showcase my work/prove myself worthy…not my favorite kind of meeting, for sure.

i called upon (as i have been lately) my “soft part” (once called my place of fearlessness/place of courage) to guide and protect me. it is from this space that i have been operating for a while now. this soft place, makes me fall in love daily…with all the beautiful things in life…and helps me embrace the “not so beautiful” stuff too, the more challenging aspects of life seem less overwhelming when i surround myself in all of which i am in love with…my friends, nephew, companer@s, mentors, youth, the sacredness of my home, P and R who i share a space with, los cielos, la mar, el viento, the Fall and Winter soon to come, the million smiles i carry in my heart-basket, lagrimas y lamentos~ regrets that teach me important lessons…it is this soft part that gently reminded me (in midst of my trying to hold back tears earlier) to stay grounded, fearless, soft.

if i were to try to give you an image for how my insides feel, it would be a lil jewel toned clam, enjoying the warmth of the early morning sun. the lil soft part inside the shell shows itself when it feels the mama suns warmth. thats how i feel- vulnerable, open, protected by the universe. ready for anything.


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