why wait?

it has been a rough morning. my emotions are a little all over the place and i am not sure where to land them.

i decided it was time to blog. since my last post i have been meaning to post again, only i keep “waiting for the right moment” to have time to “write a  perfect, well thought out post”.

weeks later, i still have not written and i am (at this point) carrying to much to keep waiting.

i saw a (street theater like) performance, “Earth-a-llujah”, last week, that blew my mind  (http://www.revbilly.com/). life after shopping…it was hilarious and had all of us in the audience/congregation laughing to tears.

the set up is a make believe church, gospel music, and a crazy reverend praying frantically to the gods to help us “stop shopping!”. the play was filled with critical thought and gorgeous voices coming from the choir. during the reverend’s mid-performance lecture he shared his recent coming to understanding of social movements. he shared the need for us to be in community and “get in between” the spaces that get in the way of us truly living in community enough to create movements of change. it is in the “stickyness” of community that we will find the courage to “push back” and stop such things as gentrification and abuse of giant corporations among workers. the performance urges us to stop shopping, stop ignoring what we know is happening, and start asking questions about the consequences of our shopping culture.

as i set up internships for the Applied Theater Arts students to travel this summer with the purpose of learning about theater of the oppressed and other community theater around the world, i am reminded of the beauty of closing gaps between the “we vs them” dichotomy. i’m in love with the attempts to understand each other, grow by witnessing each others struggles and pushing back.

yesterday there was a tsunami in Indonesia (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-11635714). no warning was given to the people because the warning system was not working. today i woke up and felt pain all over my body, today i carry la injusticia de ayer. so often “natural/not so natural” disasters are made worse because of our human actions/inactions. i have no other words to describe how i feel about our inactions other than its so wrong…so wrong that today i just hurt. my arms feel it especially. as if i had carried a huge to-heavy box and now am sore from the stretch on my body.

this post is certainly not meant to depress you or anyone else. my friend N always reminds me to let my feelings visit and not run from them, they will leave when they feel honored and ready to go. my writing today is my attempt to honor and let go/not hang on to them unnecessarily.

reverend billy reminds me to laugh in midst of tears and to cry out “earth-a-llujah!” when needing to honor our madresita earth and the inactions of us humans. he also reminds me that so many people do what they can everyday. whether they choose to struggle through another day, pick up a banner and protest, write, scream, cry, and/or attempt to live in community in a society that intentionally creates spaces in between us, most of us at least try to live differently.

it feels grounding to write that most of us at least try to live differently. the world is less lonely when i remember that.

here a a few videos i found on reverend billy, enjoy!

Push Back-

Welcome to the Church after Shopping-


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