thought of the day:

“Maybe we can have much more than we think we can have.”

N suggested I can have more than what i ask for…he did it in response to a theme he heard me speak on often…

the things i “can’t have”…

so for the past few weeks i have asked myself what my road blocks are, what “stops” me from getting what i want?

for the most part i learned that internal mind-heart-spirit battles if they are led by fear or if fear takes over me, fear of loss, fear of others, fear of x, y, z… is what “stops” me.

so just like riding my bike requires a bit of a “don’t be afraid” mentality, so does

– organizing with our communities (in whatever path you chose to take)

– taking risks in relationships

– keeping true to oneself (our inner desires, needs, and wants)

– letting go of the idea of what “letting go” means

– having creativity and imagination as amantes (lovers)


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