lessons learned while riding my borrowed bike

rode my bike to work today. can’t really be blogging right now, so i’ll be quick!


i loved it.

from 78th to 36thpl. down figueroa. big busy street with a few upset car people honking at me, they must not know that if i get on the sidewalk i will get a ticket.

reason #1 why i am not using a car:

too many tickets, too expensive.

reason #2:

yeah its “good for me” but really #1 is the reason why…

lessons learned so far:

1. get a new seat. (a sofa-like seat that can provide much more cushion to my bony butt, as a car driver i was NOT aware of the many (infinite #) of cracks and bumps and holes!, as a bike rider, I FEEL EACH AND EVERYONE! must get new seat ASAP)

2. be prepared for rain on the possibly ONLY DAY it will rain in los angeles this year. yes, it sprinkled on me all the way here. felt wonderful but maybe cause it was my first day riding to work. maybe tomorrow or in 6 months, bike riding in the rain won’t feel as much fun…? maybe it will? not sure, but a light rain jacket would be nice long term.

3. make fliers for my fellow road sharers. when i get a honk, not only do i want to smile at them as i did today, i want to give them a flier that has basic bike riding laws, like the NO riding on the sidewalk law.

4. do it again.

more to come soon.

abrazos fuertes.


4 thoughts on “lessons learned while riding my borrowed bike

  1. Chicanorico

    I’m happy to hear that you’re riding to work! Keep it up! I’m going to try to keep riding through the winter out here!

    1. intercambiosubunto

      wow, through the winter! that’s crazy in chicago!! buena suerte amigo! hugs from los angeles 🙂

  2. YAY! I think you should include some driver-bike rider manner rules as well. Those cars need to get used to the idea that people ride their bikes as a means of transportation! Also might be useful to find other bikers out there 🙂 Happy riding! (here is a biking blog I follow: http://citygirlrides.blogspot.com/ )

  3. intercambiosubunto

    yes, driver-bike rider manner rules are much needed! it can get wild out there! thanks for link and the happy wishes 🙂 !!

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