the body is the thickest part of the soul

“the body is the thickest part of the soul. we walk around seeing everyone’s soul.”

i woke up to these words, read them in a text at 3:30a.m. her time.

my heart smiled and i knew i would write today.

if our human bodies are the “thickest” part of our soul, what implications does that have on how we choose to/or choose not to care for this “thickness”?

and where is the rest of our soul? inside? or maybe it is an aura of colors that radiate around us, like an invisible halo?

what about un-born souls? or souls in which the human body passes? are we surrounded by silent shadow souls? do they serve as guides? angels?

what is the human body without a soul? does that exist?

what is the purpose of a soul? what does it do? what if we forget we have one?

when people refer to the process of “soul-searching” what are they referring to? are they looking for the non-visible part of their soul?

what does our soul connect us to? is it rooted in the earths soil like a 1000 year old tree? if so, does that mean if i sit long enough i can feel the earths heat?

if it is rooted can i not then float, fly, or roam like a nomad cloud? maybe i can and still have roots. yes, i think that’s what my soul does, it roots itself and then roams curiously.


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