oh the places we’ll go

love takes us to places we might not ordinarily go.

brings me to fall to my knees in prayer. my hands and fingers touching close to my heart, faith flowing out through the tips.

takes me at skins touch with fear. with the fear that lives hidden in the caves of my body.

carries me through the desert meloncolia residing inside my heart of hearts.

ushers me to my seat when its time to rest and watch a romantic comedy to give my eyes a break from the usual day to day x, y, and z.

and with out a doubt i can count on it lugging me to bed after a long exhaustive day, somehow always getting home safe.

fetches me a glass of wine and a cigarette when it knows i need to pause and enjoy the moment i stand in.

serves as my companion on the battle fields of invisible power trips, work, transforming of spaces, societies, and self, relationship building, arguments with my most loved ones, heartaches~heartbreaks, the falling in love over and over again with life, you, and the world.

gathers my pieces when i’ve left a few in random or intentional place.

reminds me that there is much more to smile about than cry about.

heals the life-long wounds and the new ones too.

serves as my guide…always.

takes up a karate battle with my fears, tries its best to overcome the fears so that i may live with joy.

catches me as i throw myself with out looking.

shares secrets when i most need them.

and returns me home when i feel lost.


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