our demands

we organize ourselves and our communities because we have no other choice. change/shifts have to happen, the bubbles about to burst. can’t wait, can’t contain the under surface rage, growing, collecting for 500 years+

our goal is not to have money, status, or even be at the top of the pyramid.

we are working to have everything. nothing less.

collective ownership of land, food-childcare-workers coops, clean water, ownership of our own educational systems, shift from an oppressive/de-humanizing economic system to people first economies of barter systems, time shares, and shared responsibility, healthy social-community networks (local and international), true solidarity…let’s stop the blah, blah, blah and start truly creating movements grounded in solidarity, love, reflection, and lots and lots of action.

we don’t have to look across the world to find genocide, racism, homophobia, etc. etc….

let’s live our life with eyes, ears, heart, and spirit wide open.

we must remember, keep close, the words of audre, “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house,” how then do we do our work, knowing that we can not repeat the cycles that are engraved in us…how then do we not become the oppressor as we seek liberation?

we mustn’t stop at the at surface reflection and action praxis. we have to look deeper inside ourselves, how do these “isms”, competition, self-serving tendencies…live deep within us?

transformation from the inside out. from the bottom up. we must rise up, can’t keep letting life pass us by as we sell our principles for cheap consumer goods, material shit that gives us only temporary satisfaction…less and less satisfaction every time.

lets invite the joy that exists in all of us guide our every move/decision. honesty and common sense, our heads looking straight ahead, carrying life lessons in our tool box, and walking with our hearts leading.


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