words of wisdom

my mentor b reached out to me with wise words as he saw me trying hard to hold my tears back.  “we teach what we have to learn… they speak a language of bottom lines, and we speak a language of the heart.”

he urges me to stay connected to myself and what i know to be true.

i’m trying my best here. but it’s a challenge when folks around you seem to either don’t care to know or learn how we are interconnected beings. as some of you may know already, i recently started a new job, helping put the foundation for a theatre of the oppressed and liberation psychology program at a local university. why we are doing this work is not to bring capital to an institution, our intention is to help expand liberation work to all corners of the world, or anyone that is willing to hear the occasional untold story or learn to use their body in their process for liberation.

another word of advice that was given to me today:

i can’t keep trying to do everything.

how do i learn to listen to my limits?

i started a list of things i want to learn this year.

#1 on the list:

listen carefully/stay connected to my body, mind, and spirit, so that i do not miss out on what it is trying to tell me about what i need, my limits, and when i can push myself harder.

i am sure #2 on the list will follow up soon.


One thought on “words of wisdom

  1. My dear sister, que bueno que empiezas a escucharte a ti misma, es un proceso so be patient. I was very happy to hear you have been doing yoga, taking care of your body as well as your heart. You are a beautiful person with so much to give pero tambien hay que retener un poco para nosotros mismos. I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. Trate de llamarte pero no me contestas nunca. I miss you and love you. S

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