she’s pregnant!

i couldn’t help it, i saw her picture and immediately felt my body get overwhelmed with emotions, my eyes with tears.

my college best friend, vl, a real warrior of a woman, is due at the end of october/early november.

i once made a promise to be present when her first child was born, a promise i plan to keep… now how to get to her beautiful island of guahan is the question. i am sure i will find a way. i got so excited when i saw her growing belly. she wrote to me and told me her baby is very active and moves depending on her emotions. vl is writing a series of stories of wwii on guahan and spends her days listening to war survivors, she says her baby moves when the person gets emotional. i could only imagine what it feels like to be that little growing baby listening to how our world sometimes works. i’d both be in horror and in awe that we choose to fight against the horror, just as her/his mommy has chosen to do for many, many years.

i know this baby will be another warrior, in her/his own unique ways, what a blessing. vl so joyful to share her photos with me. we have come such a long way, she and i. i remember when we shared a dorm at our university, we were on the 8th floor and were over looking the bay of san francisco. some how we’d find ourselves waking in our sleep around sunrise, we would turn to each other and comment on the beauty, the colors, our wonder. then we would hit the pillow again and sleep for a few more hours.

among many other strong, courageous woman i look to for strength in days like the ones i have been having lately, where my emotions sometimes get the best out of me, vl’s determination to keep going, keep living and loving life, is a source of strength that i can draw on any day. her baby, so blessed to have a mommy like her.


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