lovin’ b’s visit

no hay nada como una visita de una amistad que te conose en manera’s que los amigos nuevos solamente oyen cuando les cuentas de “esos viejos tiempos”.

b arrived yesterday. smiling her bright smile at me, i felt welcomed in my own house! she is like that, makes you feel welcomed and loved just with her presence.

i have countless memories of our conversations, some intense some not so much at all. lots of laughter in our history, and some traveling too. today after 8-10 years of knowing each other she visits this concrete city of mine. i like to visit her too. i love the supposed 6 hour drive that always (for some reason) takes me 10 hours+. I have not figured out why….? is it my need to stop to pee every 2 hours??

One of the first questions (if not the first one) she asked me was, “how connected to your heart are you these days?”

that type of question is worth a pause, a deep breathe, and a pleased smile.

to share a little of my answer to this question.

“i feel very connected.”

and its true. i know i struggle (loudly sometimes) with lifes questions, meloncholy still visits me every once in a while and el tiempo- she seems to escape me often while other days procrastination takes over, yes- things are normal here, still, and through it all there have been plenty of trips (tucson/amado, oaxaca, austin, new orleans, and many more in my day dreams), and well i feel blessed, grateful for my friends and the family that chooses to stay close, and the absolutely beautiful evenings los angeles gifts us with.

i hear b in the kitchen, mixing up a lemonade for our dinner.

deep breathe, a smile, a gaze out our giant window. and L comes in with his usual 2 boxes of desert, behind him the sun is setting, it’s more than beautiful, da vida con sus colores y su calor, yes both of them, the sun and L, they both give life with their many colors and warmth.

now off to eat d’s delicious dinner and be fed spiritually by the conversation of all the beautiful people here, coming and going, even those not present here tonight, are here. it’s a near perfect 2nd day of summer evening.


One thought on “lovin’ b’s visit

  1. I loved your discription of “b”…
    “Her bright smile”…
    How she “makes you feel welcomed and loved just with her pressence”…
    Your words are so accurate, succinct, eloquent.
    The ways you preserve your sentiments of people in your heart and mind are beautiful.
    And your sharing through words…
    And your sharing through openness…
    Is deeply appreciated.

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