en memoria de ti, in celebration of your daughter

today marks the 12th year of a good friend of mine’s mamita’s departure from this world back into the world of spirits.

this entry is dedicated to her life here on earth and her continued life through F, A, and the many lives I am sure she touched.

in honor of your mother i write to you quierda amiga-hermana-comadre-fellow camarada in struggle,

although i did not meet your mamita in person, i can just imagine her smile and laughter by witnessing yours and la de tu nina. i can see her brave spirit live through you as i watch you keep your head up in midst of too  many things to list here. at a first glance your outer-self can fool us on the outside looking in. petite, cute shoes, beautiful earrings, manita’s pequenas. But friend, your eyes tell us so much. your a warrior.

a soldier of your mother’s love, compassion, strength, and graciousness.

and so as i and others around you witness you and your lil one make your way through the world with such integrity, you both leave many of us in awe and in gratitude that we too are a part of your mamita’s life through you.

i think of my mother, once so close to me and now so incredibly far away- distance wise- even though we share the same city. i imagine what your mother would say to me as she saw me struggle with my own relationship with my mom. i wonder if like you, she would listen with active ears and a big heart.

so today, in this rainy day in los angeles, i thank you for being in my/our lives. mirate en el espejo, deja que tu corazon reconsca y celebre todo lo que eres y seras as the years go by and you continue to build that strong community you so long for.

i have learned that that community is what can accompany us in our continued growth as social, political, fully human capacities.

today the sky shed tears of sadness, comfort, and celebration. may we learn from her to do the same.


3 thoughts on “en memoria de ti, in celebration of your daughter

    1. intercambiosubunto

      amiga, gracias a ti por compartir historias de tu mami conmigo! i love hearing about her, and i appreciate watching you and amaya grow together just as i imagine you and your mamita bonded/grew strong together 🙂

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