adventures at el castillo

i am writing in between sessions of my “comedy traffic school” experience. i am not sure what i am more annoyed with- the fact i am doing traffic school on a sundaynight (it’s due tomorrow) or that i got a speeding ticket that caused me to HAVE TO do traffic school. needless to say, i don’t plan on getting caught speeding again anytime soon!

in between the long waits i have to take before i can move on to the next session (they are timed and if i finish early, i have to wait for the timer to be at 000) i entertain myself with the cats, my new fancy phone (yes, if you call me you will be able to hear my voice and not the “charlie brown” voice you heard for a few months now), lingering in the kitchen trying to figure out what i should eat, and wasting time on the internet.

just now d called me on her way back from sd, where she spent the day with her mom who will be taking a trip soon. i happily pick up her call and after the usual joyful hello’s, she confesses, “i’m bringing home 2 chickens, a rooster, and 2 small dogs.” she said with such calm! in my head, i was like, “WHAT?!”

after we hung up, i spoke to my good friend L and shared the news with him. he couldn’t help himself and broke into a loud, joyful, and surprised laughter. how perfect of a response!

what else can i do but laugh with him? it’s only a 2 week visit after all, right?

trader joe’s soup in a box, chamomile tea, and a couple of hours later, the cats heard the new sounds in our house and quickly ran down the steps to see what was going on. i love this personality trait about cats, they are sooooo curious! journey (the 5 year old) slowly approached the door while the lil one (6 months, if that) runs out with out a second thought. so telling of their distinct personalities.

i walk out behind the gatitas to see what’s going on outside. d is making a house for the doggy’s, i get there as she is dropping the first dog over a make-shift wall she created with one of the wood pieces we are planning to use for our garden box. “Clunk” goes the first dog, and “plop” goes the second. meanwhile the rooster and chicken are getting accustomed to their new casita made of cardboard, wire, and two seperate “sticks” for them to stand on as they sleep.

oh, life at the castle is quite interesting!

and so my test continues, hopefully it will be over soon! either way it has been an eventful evening 🙂


2 thoughts on “adventures at el castillo

  1. Coco Pelao

    This is great! I’m glad things are going well at the Castillo! Wait…so are you all going to be getting their eggs?

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