rainy days in los angeles, everywhere

a week ago there was a devastating earthquake in Haiti.

“help is coming” is what the u.s. said in response.

sometimes it feels like people in power, capitalists, imperialistas, and those who don’t question why there is such a huge gap between the haves and have-nots, use natural disasters as their chance to make the gap even bigger.

there are countless examples of this. Katrina as a national example.

which disaster is worse? the one caused by mother nature or the one caused by other humans, with countless bystanders as silent witnesses?

so in honor of our herman@s in Haiti, i wanna share with you some thoughts on internationalism.

at its very basic core, an internationalist perspective would ask questions such as:

how is our struggle here in south central los angeles related to the struggle in Haiti?

how do we organize and mobilize cross city, cultures, nations, world to build for a more equitable and just society?

yeah, it means we all will have to give something up. whether its money, status, pride, a sense of exclusive nationalism, our distrust of one another. somethings gotta give cause the poor can’t keep getting poorer and the rich can’t keep getting farther away from their humanity, and what about those in between? what happens to their spirit?

some would argue that a moral revolution is what our world needs. “if only they knew what was going on, i know they would do something about it.” yet, how many of us who are not even all that wealthy or in such high positions of power “already know” , and can’t get ourselves to “do something”?

i’m not saying we don’t have to appeal to morals and values. but it’s not enough. we must shift from an indivualistic-localized perspective to a collective-international perspective.

will continue on this topic soon.


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