nuevo hogar that fits

we walked in and fell in love again…hee, hee, hee 😉

2 stories. windows big enough to witness both sunrise and sunset. garage. and best of all:

a space to garden veggies and our lil hierbitas for teas and salads.

this place fits us more than any other of the 2 places we have lived in (in our short but wonderful time we have known each other).

its spacious but not too spacious where we loose touch of our ground.

on sunday afternoon we sat and dreamed up what color each room could be. we went from teal’s and pineapple for the kitchen to a shade of sage for our bathroom.

i think this place symbolizes more than a house for us. the decision to move was a difficult one for me. sometimes when we make decisions, they have consequences that we don’t want them to have.

fortunately, i’m grounded in the the sincerity of my wishes to please d and reconcile with an old young friend of mine.

reconciliation with her seems so right. it may be because ultimately i believe that young people deserve every chance they desire to have in life. in a world where one is criminalized simply for being young, it only seems right that i do my part in dismanteling any participation i may have towards closing in on a young persons life.

we have to uplift our young people. especially those confused and trying to figure out their own values and how to begin to live them out.

and so im new casita with a lovely family as neighbors, i am grateful for that my heart is learning to balance and stand true to my values.

this lil castle of ours symbolizes the openess, warmth, and commitment i have to well being, my own, my loved ones, and the world’s.

which brings me to my next point on internationalism. more on this soon.


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