you ask about my heart?

not sure where to start. there’s been major changes in the last month and i guess i’m still slowly adjusting to them.

sometimes as you already know, it’s nearly impossible not to hurt the people you love. unintentionally or not, it sucks.

so my heart apologizes but it’s never enough to satisfy the longing to mend our broken hearts.

i seek refuge in my writing. called an emergency writing meeting cause i need the support to keep writing even when the words published are only surfacing the feelings felt. at least its something. its an attempt to share what’s inside so that it doesn’t eat me up the way it used to.

there is a comfort i find in writing and clicking “publish”. i am not a grand writer and i’m not attempting to come off as one. i think like many other bloggers, i use the space to survive this crazyiness of a life we live.

so my heart heals as i write. my hope is that your heart heals just a little bit too as you read.


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