from urgency to action

happy happy new year!!!

finally my holiday blues have hidden themselves away in their little home in my corazon.


so now with the extra head/heart space i have found myself extremely excited about projects and work that i am a part of. too much to share here now but at the very least i can say that i am a little busy 😉

most recently i was talking with a couple of amistades here in los angeles and once again i was reminded of the importance of having and nurturing “my sense of urgency.” so i got re-excited and woke up with lots of energia, ready to take on the role of “agent of social change” that i feel i can play in our world.

so today i call my friend and i share my energy with her. she kindly reminds me that urgency is great but if we don’t “support each other to move to action and follow through” then our “urgency” stays stagnant.

i love my friends. thanks for the friendly reminder. i will take her words and message to heart and continue my 2010 follow through plan of action!  😀

hasta pronto.


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