holiday blues

i know i am not the only one that feels them creep up. they crawl inside me silently, my body seems to be awaiting its presence.

i write this after almost 3 weeks of  (off and on) bad sleep, itchy skin, and an unhappy stomach.

d tries everything to help me feel lighter. but its not working. i’m starting to feel bad that she works so hard at it and the results seem teeny.

its a day after the new year began. my body is not feeling all that great but overall i guess i’m okay. i feel so lame writing tonight. my fingers fail to type the essense of my experience.

i’m sure it happens to everyone, right?

the holiday blues…

tienen la voz de billie holiday y el dolor de un corazon quebrado.

the holiday season is almost over, just a few more days before el dia del los reyes and maybe, just maybe

the blues will leave my side and seek a warm space to find comfort in, until next year, when it is time for them to visit again.


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