these days i find inspiration in so many things around me.

i find it in the way my cat and kitten kiss with their noses; in the colors of the food that fills me; in the sound of her nightly shower; in the sharing of stories, and so much more.

i laugh at things that are normally not “politically or socially” correct to laugh at, so that my heart can hold all its carrying these days. i remember these days from my past. i have had them before. they are so familiar to me that i naturally lean towards them as i see them coming.

to let others in, frees me.

this one is for you.

she sat in front of me, numbed out by the medications given to her with no connection back to a therapist or psychatrist. these drugs are passed out like candy on halloween. trick or treat?


she tells me of the violence endured. the psychological mind fuck she’s been living is what trips me out the most. its beyond intense when someones got you physically controlled but living in a 4 wall trap in your own home, driving you to starvation, the only thing you can control is your intake of substance, and mamita, you sure did take control where you could. stopped eating, drinking water, and sleeping. the dark circles around your eyes as proof that you still got it.

i wanna hug you. tell you everythings gonna be alright, but i can’t gaurentee anything, other than  my ears to hear you and my body to accompany you. that’s it. i know, it’s not enough. disculpame.

let me tell you that i’m working hard to figure out a better way to do this.

i dream in my wake times of everything possible that can equal us moving from the individual to the collective. i know with all of me that if we handle the individual it will prepare us to better think about and work towards the collective healing we all need in order for liberation to be possible.

liberation = interdependence

help me figure this one out, will you?

and hopefully in the process we will both find our much needed healing.


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